The Atchison County University of Missouri (MU) Extension Council is pleased to honor five Missouri Century Farms this year:
• James W. Ball and Oral Davis (1882 original owners), Suzanne Southard (current owner) – 120 acres, Fairfax, Missouri
• Lee and Larry Broermann (1909 original owners), Henry Broermann (original owner), Patty (Broer­mann) Laur (current owner) – 80 acres, Westboro, Missouri
• Solomon Green (1866 original owner), Roseann and Keith Nemyer (current owners) – 78 acres, Fairfax, Missouri
• Griffin Farms Partnership (1869 original owners James and Susan Griffin), Griffin Farms Partnership (current owners) – 160 acres, Rock Port, Missouri
• Christopher and Minnie Oswald Klump (1916 original owners), Daniel Shaw (current owner), 80 acres, Westboro, Missouri
The Missouri Century Farm program’s history dates back to 1976 as a result of the Missouri Committee for Agriculture that was co-chaired by James B. Boillot, Director of Missouri Department of Agriculture, and Elmer R. Kiehl, Dean of the College of Agriculture of the University of Missouri. The committee’s purpose was to organize the American Revolution Bicentennial celebration in Missouri. One activity that was initiated by the committee was the “Centennial Farm” project, which awarded certificates to persons owning farms that had been in the same family for 100 years or more. Interest in the program continued after 1976. The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and University of Missouri Extension planned a 10-year update in 1986 called the “Century Farm” program. This program has been sustained as a yearly event with over 100 farms recognized each year. In 2008, the Missouri Farm Bureau became a program co-sponsor.