The Craig Cronies met Thursday at Golden Corral in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Martha (Ingram) Barker, St. Joseph, Missouri; Bill Heitman and Darla Sue (Trauernicht) Schmidt, of Craig, Missouri, all members of the 1961 class at Craig High School, enjoyed sharing memories. Bill brought 1940s and 1950s Craig High School annuals and a book to share. “WW II Military Service Records” included photos of those who served from Craig and the community. Harold Jewett, St. Joseph, displayed several Craig class photos.
Also attending were: Jim Ray Rogers, Rushville, Missouri; Len and Sondra (Catron) Rouse, Lee’s Summit, Missouri; Elizabeth (Jones) Burnsides, Maryville, Missouri; Shirley Wennihan Heits, Fairfax, Missouri; Fred and Linda (Yandell) Sauer, Kansas City, Missouri; Thelma (Gerdes) Curnutt, Kay (Jackson) Lemay, St. Joseph; Carol Ann (Holifield) Jones, Hiawatha, Kansas; Patty (Cook) Quimby, Craig; Steve Boyd, Janet (Allan) Burnsides, Bob and Donna (Kemerling) Austin, and Carol (Rhem) Sharp, Mound City, Missouri.
Those present remembered regular attendees Wendell Phillips and Karen (Schnegelberger) Herron, both now deceased.
Craig Cronies will meet again on Thursday, October 20, at 1:00 p.m. at Golden Corral. Anyone who attended Craig School or lived there is welcome.