Submitted by Tarkio Chief of Police
Tyson Gibbons and
Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby
We would really like to encourage our citizens to try and keep grass clippings off the city streets. Grass blown into the streets manages to work its way into the run-off drainage systems and create clogs. Eventually, the water can’t pass through the tube and backs ups, flooding someone’s yard. Grass clippings can also collect dirt and debris and grow weeds, which slows the flow of water through the ditch. When we have larger rains, the water can’t flow quickly through the tube causing flooding issues worse than usual.
When you are through mowing and you have blown grass into the street, please sweep the debris and remove it from the curb and back into your yard. Also, please manage the curbs and edge all the grass along the street. We understand that not everyone owns bagging lawn mowers or leaf blowers, but if you could just take a few extra minutes to mow along the street blowing the grass back into your yards, it would be a great help. Even a little effort to keep the grass in the yards will make a huge difference. By all of us doing our part and keeping the city clean, we can entice people, businesses, and industry to come here and be a part of this community.