A probable cause statement released by the Tarkio Police Department details how a Rock Port, Missouri, man created quite a disturbance in Tarkio on Saturday, July 23, 2016.
“On July 23, 2016, Officer Adam Stanton took a report from Jake A. McRaven, age 26, at his residence of 205 Elm Street in Tarkio, referencing Steven Richard Jones, age 38, of Rock Port attempting to stab McRaven with a knife.
McRaven found Jones on the floor of McRaven’s kitchen with Loretta L. Mills-Gayler, age 37, of Rock Port. McRaven believed that Jones was choking Mills-Gayler. McRaven tackled Jones and pinned him to the floor. Mills-Gayler fled the house through the front door. Once McRaven believed Jones had calmed down, he let Jones up. Jones continued to try fighting McRaven. McRaven again tackled Jones and pinned him, attempting to calm him. When McRaven released Jones the second time, Jones grabbed a large bread knife and chased McRaven out the front door. McRaven ran around the house and into the backyard, with Jones following. McRaven stopped in the backyard of the residence. Jones attempted to stab McRaven with the knife using an overhand plunging motion towards McRaven’s chest. McRaven brought his left arm up and managed to block the strike. McRaven suffered a slight cut to his forearm during the block. McRaven struck Jones in the forehead/eyebrow area, knocking Jones down. McRaven fled back into the house through the back door. McRaven’s girlfriend, Kriston L. Marler, age 25, of Tarkio had locked the front door. Jones went around to the front door and kicked it in, causing damage to the interior framework. Jones entered into the dining room area and told McRaven he was going to kill him, while still brandishing the knife. When Jones heard Marler calling 911, he placed the knife on the dining room table and exited back out onto the front porch. Officer Stanton found Jones and McRaven arguing at the time of his arrival. On July 23, at approximately 1930 hours, Officer Adam Stanton took a written statement from Mills-Gayler at the Atchison County Sheriff’s Office. Mills-Gayler stated she had her legs swept out from under her by Jones and he was holding her on the ground against her will. Jones had ahold of her hair and back of her neck when McRaven found them.”
Jones was charged with attempted murder in the second degree, first degree assault, burglary in the first degree, armed criminal action, and property damage in the second degree. He’s being held in the Atchison County Jail on $500,000 bond. A bond reduction hearing and arraignment have been scheduled for August 18 at the Atchison County Courthouse in Rock Port.