“Sombrero,” the newest book by Tarkio writer Deloris Reeves, is now available on Amazon.com as well as at Sharlyn’s Beauty Den in Tarkio, Missouri.
“Sombrero, a cowboy from Texas, sets out on a mission that will cover four states and run into several surprises along the way before that mission is accomplished. One of the pitfalls that seems to constantly get in his way is a sassy, headstrong girl of a Montana rancher, as well as some family surprises.”
Sombrero follows on the heels of Deloris’ nonfiction book “My Growing Up Years,” which gives the story of her first 18 years as well as some interesting history in the Tarkio area.
Coming in 2017 will be the third book in the series of Rivers books (“A Man Called Rivers,” and “Rivers Miracles”) titled “Trouble On The Double O Ranch,” which completes the Leith Oakley story. “Trouble On The Double O Ranch’ is exactly that with the antics of three young children, misunderstanding in the family life, plus the misery of who is out to put an end to the Double O rancher’s life.”