Submitted by
Bob Hughes,
Tarkio College President
Will you join us and help push the ball over the goal line? Tarkio College has been informed by the Missouri Department of Higher Education that it has met major requirements for the certification of Tarkio College as a two-year college. The last major requirement is a physical inspection of the site.
You can make the difference! Come to the work weekend August 25-28th. To be efficient and use our limited funds effectively we have become our own contractor. Our crew of three local men and the local outside contractors we used have made great progress over the summer, but the volume of work is too great to finish on time. We need your help to complete the final touches in Thompson Learning Center, including: scraping, spackling, sanding, painting, replacing ceiling tiles, mechanically scrubbing floors, waxing floors, placing furniture and cataloguing books for the library. This will probably be the last work weekend before the inspection in late October. Can you give the college your time to complete this work? We have workers committed to coming from as far away as Washington state. The ability to complete the revitalization of Thompson on time for the inspection may come down to the volunteer work done on this work weekend.
It is fourth and goal and the ball sits on the two yard line. We are telling everyone our play is to hand the ball to the star fullback (the volunteers for the work weekend) and we plan to go right over the center. Can you help?
Individuals and groups are welcome! Please let us know if you are joining us as we will be providing lunch to all volunteers. E-mail or call 660-736-4208. Please come to the work weekend August 25-28th! All work will be indoors and out of the heat!