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Kay Gibson
The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Teresa and Jim Hickok, Linda Viets, Frances Nahkunst, Anita Armstrong, Holly Holmes, and Kay Gibson attending. We got more blocks done on our quilt. Our all afternoon quilting day will be Friday of this week. Maybe we will get lots done.
The Watson picnic will be September 10, at 5:00 p.m. in the Watson Park. The village will provide place settings and drinks (tea and water) for all.
While I am canning tomatoes, a lot of you are playing golf. Isn’t strange that we could be using some of the same terms when we talk?
I don’t need a driver, I can walk to my garden. When I do a birdie flies out of there. Yes, he has made a hole in one. But what really makes me teed off is when I see red, reach in there and pull out green. My tomatoes are hybrids and I will pitch one that doesn’t meet that standard. I carry them inside and do the honors. I chop, slice, peel and wedge them in the jars that I have scalded. I follow through with a teaspoon of salt in each jar. I tighten them with a baseball grip and put them in the canner caddy. Sometimes, Tom chips in to help, but mostly he fades away. Sometimes, I like to bail out, but I aim for about 50 jars a season . . . that’s par for the course. I aced it.
P.S. Re: Reigning frogs … Yep, Friday morning, I had three inches of rain and two frogs in my gauge. There must be a lot of princes out there that have been turned into frogs. Honest, I didn’t do it.