By Kay Gibson

The Watson Quilters met Friday afternoon for our all day quilting meeting. Those attending were Holly Holmes, Fran Phillips, Teresa & Jim Hickok, Frances Nahkunst, Brenda Ziolowski, Anita Armstrong, Donna Whelan, and Kay Gibson.. We got quite a few blocks done for our quilt. Going to need some more white.
The Watson picnic will be September 10 at @ 5 p.m. The Village will furnish place settings and tea and water.

It all began with one tiny stitch.
No, I didn’t cut my finger. I started a quilt. Before it was over, I was in stitches, but what a trip.
First, I met up with Flying Geese. I can’t recall if they were headed north or south, but they flew by pretty fast.
Next I met a Hole in a Barn Door. I finished that one before all the animals escaped.
I wandered into a Four Patch and a Nine Patch, but they kept disappearing.
Then I met Sunbonnet Sue. She kept her face hidden the whole time. I wasn’t sure if she was bashful or ugly. But the little faceless gal was cute on a quilt block. Overall Sam kept his back to me the whole time, but he was fishing, so I let him off the hook.
Now, the Hour Glass is running low. I’m too old to do Tumbling Blocks or take a Trip Around the World. So I’ll just sit here with my Seven Sisters and learn the Card Trick.