The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Donna Whelan, Fran Phillips, Anita Armstrong, Francis Nahkunst, Teresa & Jim Hickok, Holly Holmes, Tasha Gronniger and Gabriel, and Kay Gibson attending. We almost completed the blocks for this quilt, should finish it next week.
Kayti Shrader tried to get our family together for a photo shoot for Kay and Tom’s 54th wedding anniversary on Sunday. After the shoot, we had a picnic in the Watson Park. The boys had a horse shoe game, and right before the storm, a couple of motor cycle riders from Georgia came in to stay out of the storm. We rode the storm out with them under the shelter house.
Mandy and Kevin Pitzen, Dylan and Chloe, Elk Horn, Iowa spent Saturday and Sunday with Kay and Tom Gibson.
The Watson Picnic will be September 10, at 5 pm. At the Watson Park. Place settings, tea, and water will be furnished by the Village.