FRANK WITHROW WAS A HOMETOWN BOY – Who made it big in the “big leagues.” Frank played two seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies and even played as Babe Ruth’s teammate when the two, along with Bob Meusel, played in Frank’s hometown of Tarkio in a “barnstorming” baseball game on October 21, 1922. A baseball that Frank once hit out of the Phillies’ stadium made it into the hands of Taffy Morton, who was a relative of Frank. In 1968, Taffy gave the ball to Alan McNaughton, above left, knowing Alan was a ball player who loved the sport. Now, Alan is handing over the baseball to the Atchison County Historical Society, represented by Delores Harrington, above right, so that it can be displayed with the Withrow family collection in the museum in Tarkio. (Photo By Megan McAdams)