The Watson Picnic will be September 10th in the park at 5:00 p.m. The village will provide place settings, and tea and water. There will probably be some horseshoe games. Come claim the championship. I’ve held it so long, it needs a new owner.
Do you know what “Touch Me Nots” are? They are actually called a jewel weed and belong to the Impatiens family.
I know: the stinging nettle should be called “touch me not.” Did you know that if you get stung by a stinging nettle you can cut open a “Touch Me Not” stem and spread the juice over the nettle sting and it will quit burning? You can also wipe it on poison ivy and it will soothe and help heal it?
So why are they called “Touch Me Nots?” My sister and discovered them when we were small. They were down by the creek, where we were not supposed to go. When the seed pods are touched, they explode. Yeah, we spent hours trying to touch one lightly enough that it didn’t burst open, but it didn’t happen.
Why am I telling this story? A chicken and I had a run in. I caught it, but it clawed the back of my hand. Not sure who won there, but I didn’t. It’s very sore and swollen. I saw some “Touch me Nots” down the road by the creek. I’ve tried all the store bought cures, so I’m thinking about trying this nature cure.
Just call me Euell Gibbsons. Didn’t he die from Dutch Elm Disease?