The Watson Quilters met Thursday and had their afternoon quilting session. Those attending were Anita Armstrong, Teresa & Jim Hickok, Holly Holmes, Frances Nahkunst, Melissa Albertsen, Tasha Gibson & Gabriel, Linda Viets, and Kay Gibson. We got our current quilt top done, and intend to make some soldier quilts next.
The Watson Picnic had about 35 adults attending, and several kids. After a great meal, the guys played horseshoes and the gals played with the two new babies who were in attendance.

Some critter killed a bunch of my daughter’s chickens two nights in a row, so she told me to come get the rest of them and put them with my flock.
Ours are light red with white and hers are a deep solid red.
It’s been a week now and they are still segregated.
My once gentle chickens won’t let hers outside.
Will it take one hundred years for them to learn to get along? I don’t really think I’ll be around that long.