• The 5th Annual Relay for Life event was held in Tarkio. Almost $29,000 was raised.
• The Tarkio Police Department purchased two Preliminary Breath Tester machines with the help of several community residents and businesses. The machines can test people, drinks, and groups of people like those going through a sobriety checkpoint.
• City Hall’s old, brick garage was demolished.
• A marijuana field located outside of Westboro was eradicated by the Sheriff’s Department and Missouri State Highway Patrol.
• Tarkio EAA Chapter held an open house at the Gould Peterson Municipal Airport in celebration of aviation. Tours of the airport and plane rides were given.
• Tarkio officers nabbed the bank robber, Robert Allen Stark, who robbed US Bank in Tarkio back in August and had robbed Citizens Bank & Trust in Craig, Missouri, just 20 minutes before he was arrested. Tarkio Police Chief Jason Liechti and new police officer Leonard Richardson heard the radio call that the bank in Craig had been robbed and drove to the intersection of Highways 59 and 136 south of Tarkio. About 20 minutes from the initial call, the suspect drove by the Tarkio police officers, who followed the suspect and pulled him over as part of a routine traffic stop. While Stark was being interviewed by officers, he admitted to the bank robbery in Tarkio. An undisclosed amount of cash, which was believed to be the funds taken in the bank robbery in Craig, was found in the vehicle.
• Four Northwest Martial Arts students, Ryan Hopkins, Jacob Masonbrink, Brandi Ratliff, and Kelli Ratliff, all placed in the top five in forms and sparring at the Tae Kwon Do America Regional Championships in Omaha, Nebraska.

• Nineteen members of the Missouri National Guard were in Atchison County to assist local law enforcement authorities in eradicating wild marijuana. As many as 68,000 plants were cut from two locations in the county and taken by the guardsmen to a landfill in St. Joseph, Missouri.
• Firefighters and women competitors from Tarkio, Rock Port, Fairfax, and Burlington Junction, Missouri, and Hamburg, Iowa, participated in a water fight hosted by the Tarkio Volunteer Fire Department. Winners of the men’s division were Tim Taylor of Rock Port in 1st and Kevin Conn of Burlington Junction in 2nd. Winners of the women’s division were 1st place Shauna Lloyd of Hamburg and 2nd place Jeana Jensen of Tarkio. The Burlington Junction Fire Department won the bucket brigade competition with a time of 1:53.09. Taking 2nd place in the bucket brigade with a time of 1:53.29 were Tarkio competitors Mary Ann Hull, Melissa White, Teresa Shaw, Bill Hull, Bruce White, and Mike Shaw.
• The First Christian Church in Tarkio began a year-long celebration of its 100th year on September 15 with a special service, balloon lift-off and carry-in dinner.
• Local students in Atchison County, with the help of Charlene Steele, wrote to Mead Corporation about the inaccurate portrait of the Indian on the cover of their “Son of Big Chief” notepads. The Indian had a mustache, which is uncharacteristic of Indians. Due to the children’s and Charlene’s letters, Mead Corporation re-designed the cover.

• Paramount Theatre in Rock Port presented “The Restless Ones” – “the motion picture that takes you inside the explosive world of today’s youth!”
• Two outstanding lettermen, Johnny Davis and Mike Ryan, will lead the Indians’ 1966 football team as co-captains. Tarkio College co-captains are quarterback, Phil Homeratha, two-year letterman and an All-MCAU defensive halfback, and Fred Midgley, three-year veteran and All-MCAU center.
• Tarkio Schools have a total of 770 students enrolled.
• It took only 20 minutes for Elwyn Pursell to land a whopping 25 1/2 pound carp. Pursell was fishing from the bank using a 15 pound nylon non-filament line with a size 10 hook. “We wonder if the bait made from Wheaties had anything to do with the catch, as this seems to be a real ‘champion.’”