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Georgia Gilley
The Tuesday Evening Club met Tuesday afternoon, September 27, at Pam Cooper’s home. It was a most unusual day. With all of our usual subs unavailable, Betty Wennihan came to our rescue; otherwise we would have had to resort to playing spoons. She has now been added to our sub list.
Another unusual event was the scores. Mary Anne Pennel and I tied for high score. I was lucky enough to draw Mary Anne for a partner. Merylan Lowrey and Pam Cooper tied for low score. I was too far away to hear what the distraction was, but there was an awful lot of laughter.
Pam was hostess and served a scrumptious peach pie with ice cream, accompanied by her famous Harry and David coffee.
The chitchat turned to “Kids say the darndest things” with everyone chipping in with an example. All I could think of was how old I was, because Art Linkletter immediately came to mind. I hope some of our readers remember him too.
After the laughter died down we turned to antique furniture. Pam told us about a friend who forced her to hold up her hand at an auction when she had decided to quit bidding. She won the bid and years later it is still one of Pam’s favorite possessions. That’s what we need in life. Someone to help us hold up our hand when we are about to give up.