Pictures left to right: Head Coach Stephen Gaines, Colby Lansdown, Ryan Bradley, Gabriel Abbott, Colton Stevens, Austin Wallace, Remington Stoner, Corbin Hale, Holden Farmer, Joey Herron, Kadyn Dowdy, Jagger Freemyer, Trey Peshek, Cayden Criger, Coach Aaron Carpenter and Brydon Huntley.

The Rock Port Junior High football team had a successful 6-0 season this year. East Atchison and Bedford were Rock Port’s most difficult opponents this season. Their other opponents were Mound City, St. Joe Christian, Stewartsville, and Albany.
Coach Stephen Gaines stated, “One thing that we did really good is that we had 14 guys on the team and…our practice attendance was really good…We were good offensively and one thing that was a little different is that we did keep getting better even to the last week. The things that really stood out were that they were there every day. They didn’t take any shortcuts. They worked hard and they did continue to get better. Sometimes those junior high kids, or any kids, they get a little old in the middle and they didn’t. They just kept improving so I noticed that about this team.”
Coach Gaines has been coaching junior high football for 22 years at Rock Port and he has never had a team have an undefeated season. When asked what he favored most about coaching, he stated, “It’s just the relationships you build with the players…would be my favorite part of it.”