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Georgia Gilley
The Tuesday Evening Club met Tuesday afternoon, October 11, at my place, with no one getting lost in the countryside. It was a beautiful day for working outside, but even a better day for a pitch game or two.
Janell McQuinn and Martha Shaffer were partners at the head table for the first round and stayed there the entire afternoon tying for high score of course. We all tried to unseat them to no avail. Susan Braams had low score but rated high on enjoyment anyway. Margie O’Riley substituted for Merylan Lowrey.
I served my quick and easy cake. Five ingredients: 2 cups flour, 2 cups sugar, 2 eggs, 2 tsp. soda, and a can of fruit cocktail. Smother it in Smuckers Caramel Sundae syrup, and add a lot of whipped topping and that’s it. Satisfies the sweet tooth!
The main topic of conversation was Martha’s ceiling that landed on our pitch table. All sorts of causes for such a disaster were offered, but no bonafide repairman has yet to come up with a cause. Until it can be repaired, we are playing at members’ homes until said table is cleared. Otherwise it was harvest, ballgames, vacations and our usual rounds of laughter.