October 27, 1966
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Harmon are the proud parents of a son. Britt Alan was born on October 13 at Fairfax hospital. He weighed 7 pounds, 11- ounces. Grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. Paul Harmon, Rock Port, Mrs. Jacqueline Kotsores, Fairfax, and Bill Kotsores, New York City.
October 28, 1976
John Henry Cox, publisher of the Atchison County Mail, Rock Port, was elected second vice-president of the Missouri Press Association at the 110th annual convention in St. Louis.
October 30, 1986
The Blue Jay legend received national attention by being in U.S.A. Today. They ran an article of the high school football teams with the best records. The Rock Port Blue Jays were No. 1 in Missouri with, at that time, a winning streak of 30-0. Rock Port was seventh in the United States.
October 31, 1996
Early snow that was supposed to be a skiff, ended up being around 10”. After the unexpected snow fall, there was a warm up to the 50’s then 60’s. The warm weather made the snow only last for a short time.
Kathy Oswald has been named to the position of Youth Educational Assistant for Atchison County by the University Extension Service. She will oversee the county 4-H programs and be working with the 4-H club leaders and members.
October 26, 2006
The Rock Port Diner has been a part of the community since 1994. Recently, the Diner’s owner, Deanna Riebesell, was given the opportunity to expand her restaurant. The restaurant now has another room, wood floors, and booths. Before the expansion, the Diner could seat 62 people, now they are able to seat 88 diners.