The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Fran Phillips, Frances Nahkunst, Donna Whelan, Linda Viets, Holly Holmes, Anita Armstrong, Rosita & Earl Stoner, and Kay Gibson attending. We all looked at photos of Donna’s new granddaughter, we went through some material Rosita brought, and we figured out the corner block on our quilt, finishing it. We will get started on some soldier quilts next week.
Anita Armstrong returned last week from a trip to Colorado, with her daughter, Dolly. Sounds like they had a great time and lots of photos to show.
Mandy and Kevin Pitzen, Dylan and Chloe came for Makayla’s 19th birthday, and we had a wiener roast for her here on Saturday evening.
I had a conversation over the weekend with Edgar Allen Poe, but will I ever have another one? Nevermore.
It was his “Tell-Tale Heart” that made the worse impression on me. This guy is weird.
But he did tell me, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” And shoot, he could be right. If we day dream and then night dream, who is to say that it’s all not a dream?
Before our conversation was over, the “House of Usher” began to fall. I hightailed it out of there right behind the”Black Cat”