The Commission met on Thursday, October 6, 2016. Present were: Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood; North District Commissioner David P. Chapin; South District Commissioner Richard Burke; and Susette Taylor, Clerk of the Commission.
Citizen Jim Quimby was present to observe.
Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Bills were reviewed, approved and ordered paid.
At 9:30 a.m. County Insurance Broker Randy Arnold was present with Linda Shelby and Quint Lingerfelt to present the 2017 county health insurance renewal package for health, vision and dental insurance. There will be zero increase to the 2017 vision plan, the dental plan will have an increase of $2.40 per employee and the current health plan will have an increase of 3.8%. Mr. Arnold stated that this renewal is one of the lowest increases he has seen this year and felt that it was the best option for the county. He introduced some additional coverage options that will be added to the current plan, as well as reviewed some changes to co-pays. Following questions, the commission thanked Mr. Arnold for his presentation.
North District Commissioner David Chapin made a motion to accept the 2017 health plans as presented with renewal dates of January 1, 2017 for vision and dental and December 1, 2016 for Health. Motion was seconded by South District Commissioner Richard Burke. Presiding Commissioner Livengood called for further discussion, there being none, a roll call vote to approve the 2017 health insurance plans was as follows: Chapin – yes; Burke – yes and Livengood – yes.
Rod Northway and Reed Bartels with Tradewind introduced Conor Branch, Allie Wahrenberger and Georg Becker-Birck with Enel Green Power to the Commissioners, Road & Bridge Supervisor Adam Meyer and Clerk Susette Taylor. Enel has purchased the Tradewind Project and will be working closely with the County as their project goes to construction.
The group answered questions, discussed road and safety concerns and will address the landowners at a presentation and supper tonight in Tarkio.
The commission adjourned.