November 3, 1966
Rock Port Blue Jays played a magnificent game in dropping the Fairfax Bulldogs from the ranks of the undefeated 27-14 and almost assured themselves the 275 Conference Crown Friday in Fairfax.

November 4 , 1976
A sixteen unit and three island service station at the intersection of M-111 and I-29 is nearing completion and will soon be open. The service station, Bramble Standard Service on M-111 will be managed by Paul Bramble, Owner/Manager. His brother-in-law Ernest Anderson, Essex, Iowa will own and manage Elk Inn, the sixteen unit motel.

November 6 , 1986
Rock Port Blue Jays have taken the 275 Conference Championship for the 3 straight year in a row and will move onto semi-finals.

November 7, 1996
Northwest Missouri State University Fall 1996 Alumni Bulletin announced Kim Scamman, former Athletic Director and Girls’ Basketball Coach at Rock Port High School, was named to the All-Time Bearcat Women’s Basketball Team at Maryville’s NWMO State University.

November 2, 2006
Ashley Pfiel was chosen as the Optimist Teenager of the Month. She is the daughter of Mike and Michele Pfiel.
Rock Port volleyball players, Laura Graybill and Jessica McGuire were chosen for the 2006 All District Tournament Team.