November 9, 2006
Fairfax will celebrate its 125th birthday Thursday, November 9. The town was incorporated on November 9, 1881. Fairfax Youth Activities and members of the 125th anniversary committee will serve cake and punch November 9 at the Exchange Bank of Fairfax.
Marion Ball was the winner of a “guess the weight of the pumpkins” contest at the Exchange Bank of Fairfax. Marion guessed 132 pounds and the actual weight was 133 pounds.
Tiffani Burke, Whitney Harrington, Katheryn Long, and Kourtney Sly are this week’s volleyball players of the week.
T&M Market officially became Fairfax Market on November 1, 2006. The Leisman family from Rock Port, Missouri, purchased the business from Morris and Toni Ray.

November 7, 1991
A first winter storm passed through the area last Thursday, Halloween. Rain changed to sleet when temperatures dropped, coating trees and power lines with ice. The wind picked up, causing tree damage and power failures in Atchison County.
Members, former members and friends of the Fairfax Methodist Church will celebrate the 75th anniversary of their church building on November 10.
The Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department has raised $11,137 in donations for the fire house addition.
Community Hospital’s Board of Directors recently signed a three-year hospital management contract with Preferred Management Corporation of Shawnee, Oklahoma.

November 3, 1966
Some 200 persons were on hand to enjoy a banquet served by the Eastern Star and share in the celebration of Fairfax’s Community Betterment achievement, winning a first-place award during the first year of participation. Special recognition was given to many residents.
The Fairfax Bulldogs notched their first loss of the season as they fell 27-14 to the Rock Port Blue Jays. This week’s hustle shirts went to Jerry Schooler and Alan Bradfield.
Showing at the Tarkio Theatre is “Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.,” starring Dick Van Dyke.
The young fry of the community joined in a parade of spooks and goblins Monday night with some 100 participants sharing in the fun. Mark Sly, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Sly, was named first place winner for his scarecrow outfit.
Hunter’s advertised “A Harvest of Weekend Food Bargains” – Van Camp’s pork & beans, 27¢; ground beef, 63¢ per pound; Musselman cherry pie mix, 43¢ for a No. 2-size can; angel food cake, 29¢; and Folger’s coffee, 69¢ for a one-pound tin.