Rock Port Board of Tourism and Quilters Boutique have invited Gloria Hall back to Rock Port on November 5, 2016 to appraise your antique or new quilts. Gloria comes from Palmyra, Nebraska with a vast amount of knowledge on quilts of many styles and ages.
Gloria Hall gained interest in quilting as young girl while watching the volunteer ladies at her church work on a Double Wedding Ring quilt. “I watched them quilt and quilt and thought, someday!” Well that time came in 1988. Since that time, she has learned about quilts and quilting with a special focus on vintage textiles. Gloria began with the buying and selling of Brides Quilt, signed 1937. Her experience with that one quilt completely changed the direction of her life. Not only was she quilting but she began collecting, selling, teaching, researching and always learning. Gloria’s most treasured quilt is an elongated nine patch with unglazed English chintz from the 1830’s. Documentation written on the back of this quilt revealed that it was pieced and quilted by a 10 year old girl, making this an important piece.
Gloria has been to nine national seminars in textiles research. Attended the appraisal school of Barbara Brackman and Terry Clothier Thompson and is a qualified fabric appraiser.
Gloria will be available for quilt appraisals during the 3rd Annual Quilt Show and Me Market in Rock Port on November 5, 2016 Find out what your quilt is worth! She has appointment times available starting at 9 AM.
Cost: $10 for a verbal appraisal
$35 for a written appraisal, will be mailed to you.
Call Quilters Boutique at 660-744-2528 to reserve your appointment time with Gloria.