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Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met Tuesday, October 25, at the home of Pam Cooper. All members were present, that after rescuing one via cell phone who was lost in the countryside. Merylan Lowery was hostess and provided at least a half dozen crunchy munchies for the afternoon games. We filled our bowls and the games were off. Off being the word here. One of the munchy bowls hid four cards, a situation that was finally noted after much hee-hawing. Susan Braams won high, Merylan Lowrey, second high, and Martha Shaffer, low.
After the games Merylan offered two fall favorites, pumpkin and apple pie, and Pam served her special coffee. Then we rated different brands of coffee makers and all the different coffee drinks. Someone mentioned jave. If java was coffee from Jave, where was joe from?
It always amazes me how we have such fun discussing any subject, always with input from everyone’s life experiences, and I have to add, tongue in cheek, that we have had a lot of experiences. After that discussion we planned our Christmas menu, since all members were present. Always pays to plan ahead. Susan took notes, just in case we might forget!