Submitted by reporter,
Margie Umbarger
The 49’ers Hobby Club met Wednesday, November 9, at the Presbyterian Church in Fairfax. Barb Jones was the hostess and served the 12:00 noon potluck lunch. Cheryl Zabel gave the blessing.
After a scrumptious meal, Marge O’Riley, president, presided at the business meeting. We voted to send a donation to the After Prom Party Committee. An election for 2017 club officers was held. President will be Janelle McQuinn; vice president, Cheryl Zabel; treasurer, Charlotte Miller; and secretary and reporter, Barb Jones.
Cheryl Zabel volunteered to do the 2017 booklets with monthly schedules for all members and we accepted her generous offer with gratitude.
Discussion was held about our December 14 meeting. We decided to have a meal and grab bag Christmas party at the Presbyterian Church. The meeting was then adjourned.
Other than the above mentioned, attending were Sharon Smith, Pat Fisher, and Margie Umbarger.