Atchison County Development Corporation Board Meeting, Unapproved Minutes from November 9, 2016.
Present: WC Farmer, Craig Corken, Eryn Stepp, Lori Seymour, Lydia Hurst, Bob Alldredge
Guest Present: Don Jagger
Also Present: Monica Bailey, Carol Clark
Call to Order by Farmer.
Minutes: Alldredge moved to correct the date for the Youth Professionalism Workshop in September minutes, then to approve minutes for September and October as corrected. Seymour seconded and all approved.
Financials: Alldredge moved to approve financials as presented. Corken seconded and all approved.
Director Report
• #ShopAC Night, Thurs., Nov. 17. Board was encouraged to refer interested businesses to office and to share Facebook posts next week.
• Youth Professionalism Workshop, Monday, Nov. 21. Speakers and field visits around the county will include all 6 career clusters.
New Business
• Tarkio College Dorm Renovation Project—Don Jagger presented additional information regarding the cost to renovate Hopkins Hall for use as a dorm or housing for projects like the wind farm. Renovation estimate is $468,547, plus operating expenses. Board discussed ways ACDC could facilitate discussions with investors who might be interested..
• 2017 scholarship program—Seymour moved, Corken seconded to once again offer two $1000 scholarships per school, one being for a 4 year undergraduate degree and one for a 2-year technical/community college certification.
• Apprenticeship/shared education training costs was discussed, and how ACDC might be able to assist local businesses with training needed for an individual to take over business requiring certain technical skills. Bailey will talk with local employers and research program ideas.
• Nonprofit support request from the Rock Port Center was reviewed. The Center needs to replace kitchen tiles, paint, etc., in order to be compliant with Health Inspection requirements, at a total cost of around $3,000. Approximately $600 has been raised. Alldredge moved and Hurst seconded to donate $2500 to the Rock Port Center. All approved.
• New Business Grant Special Project application from Nick White, LLC, for $5000 toward costs of opening of the convenience store (including compressor repair) in Fairfax was reviewed. Seymour moved and Hurst seconded that the grant be approved, at closing on the property. All approved.
• Certified Work Ready Community status and Work Keys student testing was discussed. Bailey will consult with AC school administrators to gauge interest in this test, and will bring information to December meeting to discuss how ACDC might assist with this.
• Alldredge moved and Corken seconded meeting adjourn. All approved.
Melvin moved to adjourn. Stepp seconded. All approved.