The East Atchison high school athletes who competed in fall sports were honored at an awards’ banquet held Wednesday, November 9, 2016, in the Tarkio High School Gym. The athletes from the Tarkio and Fairfax schools were recognized for their personal accomplishments made in their sports, as well as helping contribute to the teams’ successes this fall.
Tarkio High School Athletic Director Joe Unternahrer welcomed all in attendance. The invocation was given by an FCA member before everyone enjoyed a delicious meal prior to the awards’ ceremony.
EA Football Coaches Bryant Hummel, Michael Hollingsworth, and Joe Unternahrer recognized this fall’s football team. The entire team received EA letters, including Alex Carroll, Mason Straub, Keevan Baker, Shae DeRosier, Andrew Gibbons, Conner Marshall, Dayton Murry, Shane Wallace, Wyatt Gray, Max Hopkins, Gage McAdams, Garrett Meyer, Jayce Navin, Trey Bowling, Briacin Bywater, Jordan Goodin, Gus Hurst, Gavin Knapp, Jake McEnaney, Dillan Pal­mer, Keaton Williams, and Ashton Yeary. Manager No­ah Brooks also received an EA letter. Individual awards were also presented to football players who went above and beyond this season: Offensive MVP – Jake McEnaney; Defensive MVP – Garrett Meyer; Special Teams MVP – Briacin Bywater; Off-Season Workhorse – Shae DeRosier; and Wolf Award – Shae DeRosier.
EA Cheer Coaches Erica Taylor and Hannah Wilson presented letters to the following football cheerleaders, Shel­by McCartney, Kaitlyn Gibbons, Bella Hurst, Tacy Mitchell, Madison Ohrt, Lily Graves, Kaely Kirwan, Grace Martin, Shelbey Morris, Emily Vance, Katy Baker, McKenzie Frohn, and Taylor Stanton. Haley Hall was also recognized for being a football cheerleader. Individual awards were presented to cheerleaders who went above and beyond this season: Spirit Stick – Tacy Mitchell; and Most Valuable Cheerleaders – Madison Ohrt and Haley Hall.
EA Girls’ Golf Coach Aaron Behrens recognized this season’s golfers. Receiving EA letters were Bree Barnett, Lauren Quimby, Chloe Bruns, Kaely Kirwan, and Jae Barnett. Prima Mangkasing was also recognized for being a golfer. Bree Barnett, Lauren Quimby, and Kaely Kirwan were recognized for qualifying for state golf this season. Individual awards were presented to golfers who went above and beyond this season: Regular Season MVP – Bree Barnett; Post Season MVP – Lauren Quimby; Most Improved – Kaely Kirwan.
EA Volleyball Coaches Melissa Graves and Ashley Hummel recognized this season’s volleyball girls. Receiving EA letters were Alyssa Garrison, Shelby McCartney, Leslie Bradley, Bella Hurst, Tacy Mitchell, Madison Ohrt, Grace Martin, Shelbey Morris, Catelyn Prater, Kilea Cooper, and Jaycee Graves. Tawni Martin, Lily Graves, McKenzie Hines, Madison Lesher, Jesse Graves, Jaelynn Hill, and Anna Klute were also recognized for being volleyball team members. Volleyball players recognized for going above and beyond this season included: Most Kills – Jaycee Graves; Most Aces – Kilea Cooper; Most Assists – Madison Ohrt; Most Digs – Shelby McCartney; Most Blocks – Shelby McCart­ney; MVP – Shelby McCartney; and Most Improved – Anna Klute.
EA Cross Country Coach Kurt Sloop recognized this season’s cross country runners. Members who received an EA letter included Dawson Joesting, Colin Joesting, Alex Driskell, Zach Garrison, Braylen Lambert, Zach Sapp, Hunter Tunnell, Hannah Blank, Dixie Hendrix, Marina Sawyer, and Novalee Yeary. Grace Martin and Shelbey Morris were also recognized for being team members, as well as Melissa Lang for being team manager. Runners recognized for going above and beyond this season included: Male Athlete of the Year – Zach Garrison; Female Athlete of the Year – Marina Sawyer; and Most Improved – Braylen Lambert.