Submitted by
Pam Cooper
Well, this is our last meeting for 2016! We will meet again after Christmas, New Year, and some greatly needed R&R, so Merry Christmas to one and all.
The December 5 meeting was held in the Methodist Church basement. There were eight members answering roll call which was “my favorite Christmas Eve meal.” Georgia conducted the Sorosis song which gets pretty lively. Debbie gave the treasurer’s report of $312.96. There were no committee reports and no old business.
Alva Stoner, Fairfax mayor, told the Sorosis ladies about all the actions and responsibilities the city dealt with during the storm this summer. He also shared how many people came to help and how thankful the community responded when they were needed.
Due to scheduling conflicts and time needed right after New Year’s, it was decided that the January 2 meeting would be cancelled. Judy then asked for everyone to consider the programs we could have next year. Our calling committee to remind members of club was deemed okay, with some hesitation.
Leona gave the critic’s report which involved a joke on “weight.” The Bon Mot and Collect was read and it was on our entertainment. Georgia Gilley is our entertainment “guru.” What fun we have with her in charge. Read the “Night Before Christmas” with various Christmas carols interspersed. She informed us of the history of “Twas the Night” and how it changed. We made our own stories and shared, (very interesting), followed by making a box from two pieces of paper. If you made your box, she gave out a gift. There was reading, writing, singing, contructing, laughing, and all with friends.
Refreshments and drinks followed by the social comittee and lastly, everyone opened their surprise $1 gift. Hostesses for January 16 will be Betty W. and Mary Anne.