Staten’s students’ literary works-
The following was chosen as Mark Staten’s teacher’s choice award story:
A Gunshot in the Distance
By Jake McEnaney
An ear-stinging wind blew slightly from the west. Even with my new crimson orange sock hat I still couldn’t help but notice it. The sun was partially blocked by the timber on the hillside. Darkness was creeping up just like the thought in my head that I wouldn’t be able to redeem myself after the first night of deer season. I could still see all ten points on the big bodied buck I embarrassingly missed. I was even set up in my tree stand with a decent angle. But now since I missed and blew my cover, it was unlikely a deer would come back. That’s why I was set up uncomfortably on the cold hard grass of a terrace next to a shed that I thought could fall over at any time.
I then heard the familiar sound of a distance gun shot. That wasn’t a good sign. If there was a deer out there, it’s probably not going to get any closer to the sound of a gun. Going home empty handed again it looked like. Then I heard a rustle in the distance. Probably just another coon. To my surprise the noise kept getting louder, as if it were getting closer. Another gunshot in the distance sharpened my senses and helped me realize what was happening. The gunshots were scaring whatever was making that noise closer to me.
Hours seemed to pass and I sat there frozen waiting for something to pop out just like a scene from a horror movie. Well what scared me wasn’t what you would have figured it would have been; it was simply my dad tapping me to get my attention. After I landed back on the ground from my trip up in the air, my dad pointed to the moving corn stalks that were moving as if something was running through it. That’s when from the corner of my eye I could see something moving off in the distance. In the ditch line below us where we had originally been watching were two does trotting along the trees.
My dad whispered to me, “Would you rather shoot a doe right now, or wait and see if there’s a buck following them?” Of course I wanted the buck, the trophy antlers. While we were watching the ditch, we hadn’t even realized that a buck was walking right towards us. It was when we heard a corn stalk snap, that the buck caught our eyes. He was only about 45 yards away from us and we had a perfect shot. The problem was that the cornfield he was in wasn’t our property. Shooting a deer on someone else’s land isn’t a good deed, especially when they’re your neighbor. So we would have to wait and hope the deer would jump the fence. Luckily, the buck seemed to catch ahold of the doe’s scent. He hopped the fence and didn’t even notice me getting my gun ready. I put a bullet in the chamber and clicked my safety off, then lined up the cross hairs right behind the buck’s front shoulder. I took a deep breath and waited for the right moment. The gun screamed and the buck stumbled. He tried to run it off but didn’t make it very far.
A good nine point will have to do rather than the trophy ten point I thought. And of course after we cleaned the deer my dad asked me, “Where was that shot the first time?” I just smiled and shook my head, because sometimes you don’t always get another shot to make up for a missed shot.

First East Atchison Wrestling season underway-


THE EAST ATCHISON HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING TEAM – Includes, from left to right: front row – Keaton Williams, Briacin Bywater, Dillan Palmer, and Emily Vance; and back row – Coach Bryant Hummel, Dayton Murry, Shane Wallace, Alex Carroll, Kris Riley, Ashton Yeary, and Manager Lauren Quimby. (Photo By Megan McAdams)

The East Atchison Wrestling Team is in its first season as a co-oped team (made up of Tarkio and Fairfax high school athletes). The wrestlers are under the direction of Coach Bryant Hummel and manager Lauren Quimby.
Nine wrestlers have taken to the mats this season, which began on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, in Rock Port. Coach Hummel said the wrestlers should do well this season, especially in their dual meets with the extra numbers adding to their successes. All have wrestled before or are catching on quickly so it should be a great season.
The 2016-17 wrestling season schedule follows:
Dec. 17 – At Johnson County Central Invite, TBA
Jan. 7 – At Rock Port Invite, TBA
Jan. 10 – At Maysville Quad (Polo, Gallatin), 5:30 p.m.
Jan. 19 – At Mid-Buchanan Quad (Stanberry, North Andrew), 5:30 p.m.
Jan. 21 – At Lathrop Invitational, TBA
Jan. 24 – At Stanberry Quad, 5:30 p.m.
Jan. 26 – At Albany Quad, 5:30 p.m.
Jan. 28 – At Maryville Tournament, TBA
Feb. 2 – At Riverside (Wathena, Kansas), TBA
Feb. 4 – At Warrior Invite, 9 a.m.
Feb. 10-11 – Districts, TBA
Feb. 18-20 – State at Columbia, TBA

EA defeats Stewartsville- The East Atchison High School Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Teams competed against Stewartsville in Fairfax, Missouri, on December 6, 2016.
The Lady Wolves won their game, ending with a score of 55-28. Jaycee Graves led EA with 22 points, followed by Goldie Barnes with seven (one three-pointer), Alyssa Garrison with seven, Kinley Thornhill with five points, Tawni Martin, Chloe Bruns, and Kilea Cooper with four points each, and Madison Lesher with two.
The Wolves also won their contest 59-51. Garrett Meyer led EA with 24 points, followed by Gage McAdams with 19, Brody Cooper with 10, and Jake McEnaney with six. Coach Robbie Bates commented, “We had a nice comeback in the 4th quarter. The kids stayed tough and kept fighting until the end.”

EA competes against Sidney- The East Atchison High School Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Teams competed against Sidney, Iowa, in Fairfax, Missouri, on December 8, 2016.
The Lady Wolves lost the game 29-64. Jaycee Graves led EA with nine points, followed by Chloe Bruns with six, Kaely Kirwan with five (two out of two free throws and one three-pointer), Goldie Barnes with three points (one out of one free throw), Kinley Thornhill with three points, Lily Graves with two points, and Kilea Cooper with one point.
The Wolves won their game 48-32. Gage McAdams led the Wolves with 13 points (one three-pointer), followed by Jake McEnaney with 11 (one three-pointer), Garrett Meyer with 11, Brody Cooper with six, Shae DeRosier with three, and Colin Joesting and Zach Garrison with two points each. Coach Robbie Bates said, “We had a strong defensive effort tonight. The kids were patient on offense and put the game away in the fourth.”

Students perform “Dear Santa – A Musical ‘TWEET’ for Christmas”

The Tarkio Elementary students performed “Dear Santa – A Musical ‘TWEET’ for Christmas” on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, in the Tarkio High School Gym.
Selections were performed by the 5th and 6th grade bands, under the direction of Amy Haddock.
The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students sang and performed “I’ve Got A List” (with soloist Tessa Rolf), “Getting Away for Christmas,” “Anything but a Tie,” “I Need Some Wheels” (with soloists Connor Brown, Slade Rosenbohm, and Car­syn Green-Sillers), “A Puppy for Christmas” (with soloist William Kimpston), “Holiday Dance Revolution” (with soloists Grace Peck and Tanner Rollins), “Sincerely, Christmas” (with soloist Tessa Rolf), and a finale reprise. The cast of characters included: Introductions – Brady Nebergall; North Pole Hotline Operator – Kelsea Kirwan; Child 1 – Maycee Ross; Mom – Rylie Simmons; Child 2 – Alex Ramirez; Child 3 – Alaina Armstrong*; Child 4 – Kalynn Smith; Child 5 – Alexis Gibler*; Dad – Gaven Talty*; Girl – Emily Blum*; Axel – Connor Brown*; Jared – Jared Stanton*; Joey – William Kimpston*; Linda – Josie King*; Grandma – Grace Peck*; Grandpa – Tanner Rollins*; Mrs. Claus – Emilee Caudill*; Santa Claus – Daniel Lesher*; Kid 1 – Kiara Hines; Kid 2 – Slade Rosenbohm; Kid 3 – Caleb Ritchie; Kid 4 – Carsyn Green-Sillers; and Molly – Tessa Rolf*. Fifth grade choir members included *Alex Barnett, *Jozee Eaton, *Drew Johnson, *Weston Klosek, Hadyn Liechti, *Claire Martin, *Tommi Lee Martin, Keena Merriweather, Linkin Murry, *Addie Noland, *David Shaw, *Alexis Bywater, Da­lay­nie Drummond, Jacobi Hogue, *Emmy Laur, *Rayleigh Nance, *Jersi Poppa, Garret Rosenbohm, Drew Sanders, *Ian Stepp, Emma Viets, and *Brooklyn Wennihan. Fourth grade choir members included Cameron Brooks, Brezie Bywater, Makenna Carder, Owen DeRosier, River Dow, Cayden Gibson, Jillian Hannah, Abbie Harms, Luke Morey, Lizzie Schlueter, Jacob Shubkagel, Izzy Ramirez, Cady Jo Burton, Kamryn Brown, Levi Brown, Sydnee Bruns, Haylee Clark, Alex Erickson, Colton Hall, Gabe Harms, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Marke Lea, Jaxon Liechti, Madison Quattrocchi, Teagen Wennihan, Alyson Wooten, and Ethan Ross.
(* denotes band member)

EA loses to North Andrew- The East Atchison High School Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Teams competed against North Andrew on December 9, 2016. The Lady Wolves lost 39-50. Goldie Barnes led the Lady Wolves with 11 points (one three-pointer). She was followed by Alyssa Garrison with nine points, Kilea Cooper with eight points (two three pointers), Lily Graves with six points, Jaycee Graves with four points, and Shelby McCartney with one point. The Wolves lost the contest 57-79. Brody Cooper led the Wolves with 22 points (three three-pointers), followed by Gage McAdams with 11 (two three-pointers), Jake McEnaney with 10 (two three-pointers), Colin Joesting with six, and Garrett Meyer and Shae DeRosier with four each. Coach Robbie Bates remarked, “The boys put out a great effort against a top five, state ranked opponent. The kids kept competing all night.”

Christmas Break- School will be in session at Tarkio R-I Wednesday, December 21, 2016, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Christmas Break will be December 22-January 4. School resumes January 5.

Tarkio FFA Trap Shooting- The Tarkio FFA Trap Shooting Team recently competed in an event. Results (out of 50) follow:
Dayton Murry – 20 and 20
Kris Riley – 9 and 13
Shae DeRosier – 20 and 11
Bella Hurst – 16 and 20
Colin Joesting – 19 and 17
Kris Riley – 16 and 12
Dayton Murry – 20 and 22
Colin Joesting – 15 and 16