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Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met Tuesday, December 13, at the home of Mary Anne Pennel who had turned her house into a Christmas wonderland and her kitchen into a gourmet buffet. It was our annual Christmas feast when we invite all the ladies who have substituted for us during the year to join us for a carry-in dinner. Anne Barnett, Debbie Johnson, Margie O’Riley, Sharon Smith, Suzanne Southard, and Betty Wennihan joined us for cards and grab-bag gift exchange.
On Christmas we dispense with our money pot and only gain bragging rights. Since we had an even number for pitch we doubled up, Pam Cooper and Martha Shaffer as one player and Mary Anne Pennel and yours truly as one player. We tied for high score proving that two heads are better than one. I couldn’t tell you who won low. I’m not sure we acknowledge low since it’s Christmas. My! Fourteen ladies can make a lot of noise. Makes it difficult for me to report on any pertinent gossip. Sorry.
The five dollar grab bag exchange always brings lots of comments and shopping hints. The variety of gifts ranges from lighted angels to super-duper scrub pads. No one wanted to go home but good things must come to an end. We wish you a Merry Christmas and an ace in every hand.