The Missouri State Highway Patrol encourages everyone to make good decisions regarding their New Year’s celebration. A traffic crash would be an unfortunate way to begin 2017.
New Year’s is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Many Missourians will plan special gatherings to welcome 2017. If your plans include alcohol, remember that nothing ruins a party like a DWI arrest or a drinking-related traffic crash on your way home. Designate a sober driver before the party starts. The roadway is no place for a driver who has been drinking. If you cause a traffic crash, your New Year might begin with being arrested, facing legal fees and medical bills, and perhaps jail time! You could lose your license and will have to face your family and friends. If you kill or injure someone, you’ll pay the price for the rest of your life. No one wants to begin 2017 in jail. Be smart! Designate a sober driver or take a taxi.
As you drive to your New Year’s gathering, remember to buckle up and obey all traffic laws. Make sure everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained in a seat belt or child restraint.
If inclement weather is expected, allow extra time for traveling or be flexible with your plans. The Road Condition Report number is 1-888-275-6636. Depending on the weather, staying home might be your best option.
Every day as we travel on Missouri’s roadways, we trust that every driver on the road is going to obey the speed limit, pay attention, and drive sober. ‘Don’t Violate The Trust.’