Notes from the December 7, 2016 Regular Meeting of the Rock Port R-II Board of Education
President Rich Dewhirst called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Other members present were Afton Schomburg, Rochelle Henagan, Jeremy Davis, Harold Lawrence, Dan Lucas, and Clay Vogler. Also present were Elementary Principal Steve Waigand, High School Principal Jonnie Kemerling, Superintendent Craig Walker, Board Secretary Debbie Young, Kaitlea Hastert, and Lisa Weber.
The agenda was adopted and the minutes of the regular meeting of November 10, 2016 were approved. Mr. Walker reviewed the financial information for the month ending November 2016. The transfer of funds, the November final check register, December check register to date, and the activity account checks were approved. Mr. Walker read a thank you note from the family of Greg Chamberlain.
Mr. Waigand reported November attendance for the elementary was 96.56% (182 students). The November Character Word was Citizenship.  Blue Jays of the Week received a pizza party on Friday, December 2nd from Chris Shimmel and Grace Church. Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Owen, Mrs. Bebb, and Mrs. Burke and I are preparing for our upcoming Special Education State Review.  Chef Gina (Healthy Eating) finished up her final sessions with the elementary this month.  Deputy Sons (D.A.R.E.) had preschool, 1st grade, and 3rd grade complete a 911 simulation call.  It was a powerful learning experience for our students.  I attended a NW Principals’ meeting on November 29.  Charlie Shields, President of the State Board of Education, was our guest speaker.  He discussed some topics that will likely be going to the Legislature this upcoming year and listened to our concerns. Mrs. Gaines attended a Crisis Prevention Institute Training at Hopkins, MO on November 30.  CPI offers nonviolent crisis intervention training designed to teach best practices for managing difficult situations and disruptive behaviors. Teachers learn how to identify at-risk individuals and use nonverbal and verbal techniques to defuse hostile behavior.  Mrs. Roup, Mrs. Vogler, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Ellis, and Mr. Waigand are also trained in CPI methods in the elementary. Classroom reports were received from Mrs. Geib and Mrs. Palmer. Mrs. Hastert and Mrs. Weber presented some information to the board about sixth grade.
Mrs. Kemerling reviewed several upcoming dates and activities. She reported that November attendance for the high school was 96.55% and attendance for the year is 96.79%. There are 157 students in grades 7 – 12. Students, teachers, and coaches have now begun their winter seasons.   Several of our organizations worked on gathering items to donate to charities in our area, as well as to families in need.  It’s wonderful to see our teachers and students working together to offer assistance to those less fortunate in our community.  These lessons and experiences that we impart on our students reinforce our commitment to taking every opportunity that we can to teach our students AND give back and support a community that is always so supportive of us. Teachers in the JH/HS are currently working on developing their Student Learning Objectives that they will begin to implement in 2nd semester.  An SLO is a specific objective that teachers select based on an area in which they feel students need to improve.  This first semester of school has gotten us off to a fantastic start!  I look forward to a great 2nd semester and wish you all blessings throughout this holiday season. Classroom reports were received from Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Gaines.
Mr. Walker stated the district’s food service review is complete with minor corrective actions noted. The full report should be available in the near future. The Title 1 and the Special Education reviews are in progress. Mr. Walker reported that at the NW Rural Advocates meetings there has been discussion of an alternative school to serve the area. Initial interest among the districts is high, and he will keep the board updated as additional information becomes available.
The board proceeded to address items of new business. Action was taken to approve the 2015-2016 audit report. Consideration was given to board policy and regulation updates with no action taken. Action was taken to approve repairs to the Chevy Cruze by Laukemper Motors and to approve demolition of the house and clearing the debris at the school farm by Brian Kelly. The board then adjourned to executive session for personnel matters. Upon returning to open session it was reported that the minutes of the executive sessions of July 14, 2016 and November 10, 2016 were approved. A special meeting is scheduled for January 2, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. in the board room. The meeting was then adjourned.