By Kay Gibson

We quilters didn’t meet last week because of the cold. Nah, we’re not wimps, (yeah, we are), but the Watson Community Building has been having a little trouble with the furnace, so rather than shiver while quilting, we decided to wait til this week. Sure hope it’s warmer. This week, we will have our ole Prussian drill sergeant to guide us through a couple of quilts we’re making for soldiers. Yes, it is Anna Beth. We hope to make two quilts at this meeting and she’s just the one to push us through it.
I had the hives last week. I have not taken any new medicines, so what could have caused them? I asked our Doctor friend if he had any guesses. I told him I had eaten a LOT of chocolate the past two weeks, had my fresh eggs for breakfast, as usual, and had been taking some Tylenol for my achy breaky back. He answered and said “They are probably viral.” Viral? I never heard of that. Well, I got out my googler and looked it up, sure enough, even having a cold can cause hives. Also, the COLD can cause hives. Strangely enough, I did pick a very cold week to have them, so I decided to blame it on the cold. Now, I’ve almost finished the 56 pounds of Christmas chocolate, and when I do, the hives cease, I’ll always suspect that. You see, I didn’t tell Doc HOW MUCH chocolate that I had eaten. He didn’t have a clue. When I exit this winter with 10 pounds of ugly chocolate added to my chunky body, everyone will know.