ACME Robotics 9796 traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday, January 15, 2017 for their last scheduled competition this season. The Nebraska FTC State Final Competition hosted 24 teams from the surrounding states. Teams travel from Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, and Missouri to compete in hopes of moving forward. This competition is the only FTC “Final” in the state of Nebraska. ACME Robotics 9796 placed 9th out of 24 teams.
All competitions give team members a variety of opportunities to learn and get actively involved. Team members talk with other teams about their strategies, the design and build process, the programming successes, and failures, give speeches to judges and submit an engineering notebook where student team members record what they accomplished or failed at during their weekly meetings.
ACME Robotics 9796 built and programmed a robot this season that was able to function in autonomous (without human intervention) and driver-controlled modes. The robot was able to push beacons and shoot balls in both modes of operation. The team uses Android Studio JAVA for all its programming needs. This was the first year that we were able to design a program to operate in both modes.
ACME Robotics 9796 team members Juleighanne Adams, Zachary Clauson, Kalyn Mertens, Luke Roberson, Ryder Proctor, and Ethan Lucas would like to thank all of our parents and businesses that have supported this season. Without their dedication and support from all of you, program would not have made it this far. We appreciate all of your support and donations and we are looking forward to next season’s challenges.
Our team consists of student’s from 7th -12th grades within Atchison County. As we wind down this season, we are already planning for the next robotic season. Our goal is to conduct some “special learning” sessions this spring and summer if there is an interest and we can find instructor(s) to conduct the sessions. If there are students of this age group that might be interested in joining our team for the next season, please contact Teresa Mertens or Ken Miller of Rock Port.