The following are the unapproved Fairfax Board of Aldermen minutes from the regular meeting held January 11, 2017:
The meeting was called to order by Alva Stoner, Mayor, at 6 p.m. Role was taken. Those in attendance were: Kristi Duering, Alderman, Mike Oswald, Alderman, Alva Stoner, Mayor, Melissa Gilpin, City Clerk, Beth Graves, Alderman, Danny Kemerling, Treasurer, Ryan Kingery, Alderman, and Steve Stevens, employee.
The regular minutes of December 19, 2016, were approved. The accounts payable were approved. Melissa Gilpin submitted the 2017 budget with the amendments requested. Alva Stoner announced he has been asked to speak at the assembly for John Gilbert at the school on Friday January 13, 2017.
Danny Kemerling reported that all accounts are in balance. The CD’s renew in February. One can be renewed at a higher rate. He and Melissa were asked to shop CD rates.
Melissa Gilpin read a letter from the Straub family stating that they would like to purchase the old City Hall building and sign. Melissa will check into this. It may have to go out for bid. She also reported that the new software has been ordered, but there is up to a six month wait for installation. After research, the new printer has been ordered and delivered for approximately $100 less than originally quoted.
Steve Stevens reported that there had been a water main leak over the New Year’s weekend and he and John had to fix it. Due to this fix, they had to order more parts and meter pits. He also reported that the city had run out of mix for the streets during the last storm so they had to order more in order to prepare for the next storm.
Ryan Kingery moved to go into closed session for discussion of personnel. Mike Oswald seconded. Motion passed unanimously. The council came back to open session at 7:20 p.m. and the meeting was adjourned.