Submitted by Georgia Gilley

The TEC Club, Tuesday Evening Club, met Tuesday afternoon, January 10, 2017, at Aunt Martha’s B&B in Fairfax, Missouri. For our new readers, The TEC Club dates to the late forties and although we never meet in the evening, we have kept the name.
What’s in a name? No matter the time of day, ten point pitch is the game we play unless we are short a player, then we may resort to spoons or any other game anyone mentions. What we do is talk, eat, and compete.
This session we had a tie for first place. Sharon Smith and Merylan Lowery had high score. No play-offs for us. We draw a card and luck decides. Sharon won the “big” prize money and Merylan, second high. Susan Braams won low, but you get your money back if you have low score. No one’s a loser in the TEC for we all get lots of laughs. Martha Southard was hostess and served a beautiful red velvet cake. Our chit-chat soon turned to winter maladies and then to who had what and on to how the “old timers” had dealt with sickness. That made us all feel lucky to have good medical care close-by. Just remember that laughter is a great medicine and we all went home medicated.