Pictured with their trophy are: (left to right) Caden Brown, Riley Walker, Ryan Lucas, Tyler Pebley, Caleb Lucas, Hayden Riley not pictured.

Submitted by Dale Dickkut

On November 7, 2016 the team traveled to Nebraska City, Nebraska for the FIRST LEGO League Nebraska Qualifier Tournament. Twenty-eight teams competed in four different areas: Robot Design, Project, Core Values and Robot Competition.
The Brainiacs returned with the Project 1st place Trophy. The Brainiacs chose a project that will result in increasing the local bat population to help reduce the number of disease bearing mosquitoes. Not only are mosquitoes a pest when people are outdoors but they cause heartworms in dogs, encephalitis and other serious diseases. They developed an innovative idea to draw the mosquitoes to the bat houses that they are building. They discovered that limburger cheese smells like “stinky feet.” Mosquitoes like smelly bodies; thus the solution. The judges announced the winner with the following script:
“We now move on to the FIRST LEGO League Core Awards.”
The Project Award: Judges looked for teams whose quality research, innovative solutions, community sharing and presentation best reflect an in-depth understanding of the scientific disciplines involved with their project. In order to be eligible to win this award, each team was required to identify a way to improve human – animal interaction.
The judges had this to say about this very deserving team:
“Using their brains, they have a plan in place to eliminate disease in bloodstreams. With a giant swing of the bat, they hit the big cheese. The Project Award goes to: The Brainacs from Atchison County, Missouri.”
The team wants to spread the word about their award winning project. If your organization wants to learn more and have team members make a presentation they will be excited to do so. Contact Dale Dickkut, 744-4646 or Kristen Lucas, 744-5577.