The Fairfax Kiwanis Club – Recently recognized Fairfax FFA members who participated in the club’s annual Corn Yield Contest. Pictured with FFA Advisor Jeremy Palmer, left, and Kiwanis President Roger Steinkruger, back right, are FFA members Wyatt Burke, Gavin Knapp, Tacy Mitchell, Jordan Sutter, Zach Garrison, and Alyssa Garrison. Alyssa, Zach, and Jordan were the top three winners.

The Fairfax Kiwanis Club’s Annual Corn Yield Contest was held with the Fairfax FFA Chapter last October, 2016. Winners were honored with a lunch and special recognition at the regular Kiwanis meeting, Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at Community Hospital-Fairfax conference room.
The top three students recognized for their honors, in accordance to bushels per acre, received an engraved picture plaque presented by Kiwanis President Roger Steinkruger. The honorees were: 1st place, Alyssa Garrison – 238.64; 2nd place, Zach Garrison – 237.30; and 3rd place, Jordan Sutter – 236.20. Additional students recognized with a certificate included: 4th place, Tacy Mitchell – 230.42; 5th place, Gavin Knapp – 218.18; and 6th place, Wyatt Burke – 201.52. FFA sponsor and instructor Jeremy Palmer was in charge of obtaining the corn yields.
The Fairfax Kiwanis Club has sponsored this event since 1947 and has seen many changes in the corn yields, technology, equipment used, means of obtaining the corn for counting, and student participation. Some past winners were present for this year’s event and shared some history on this youth project.
Each honoree gave the formulas used for their particular crop production and introduced their guests for the day. Their guests included Doug Garrison, Tim and Leslie Sutter, Roger and Suzanne Southard, Chris Burke, and Instructor Jeremy Palmer. Additional guest included Gary Wennihan. Kiwanis members joining in the celebration were President Roger Steinkruger, Eddie Taylor, Treasurer Bob Alldredge, Danny Kemerling, Andrew Sanders, Gene Bradfield, Gene Carder, Doug Garrison, Jon Davis, Ferd Ray, Betty Wennihan, Doyne Swan, Julie Jones, Kris Umbarger, and Secretary Marilyn Alldredge. The meeting concluded with brags and the Kiwanis Defining Statement.