That’s So Punny! By Ashley Christian
Puns are jokes exploiting the different possible meanings of a word. In other terms, a pun is a play on words.
Puns as we know them have been entertaining the world since around the 1660’s. Some of the classic literature we read today such as MacBeth and Romeo and Juliet use clever puns that some modern readers’ eyes don’t catch.
The use of puns has been going on for much longer than we realize. Some of the hieroglyphs the Egyptians wrote were originally based on punning systems.
Puns can be enjoyable to some people, but other people do not enjoy them as much. It is common to hear someone respond with a groan of annoyance to a pun. Other people laugh loudly and add on their own pun to keep the conversation growing.
There are multiple types of puns, such as food puns or medical puns, that you can put together to make a clever remark. The more it fits in the sentence and the more obvious the double meaning, the funnier it will be.
It is not hard to find favorite puns that are always sure to make some people groan and some people laugh.
I can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory! All I did was take a day off.
I’m glad I know sign language; it’s pretty handy.
My math teacher called me average; how mean.
What did the tree say to the autumn? Leaf me alone.
“I feel that if you don’t take any and every opportunity to incorporate puns into daily conversation that you’re doing a disservice to the English language,” Jonnie Kemerling said.

Homecoming Around the World

Toga Tuesday- Eighth grader RyAnne Herron, Junior Gretchen Tharp, and Seniors Shelbie Gaines and Dayle Davis line up for a picture in their togas. Toga! Toga!


World Leader Wednesday- Morgan Lingerfelt dressed as Donald Trump and Beth Davis dressed as Hillary Clinton.



Destination Thursday- Sophomores Preston Jones and Josie Watkins pose in their Destination Day attire. The sophomore’s destination was the Wild West.



Weird Facts-
1. The longest time between two twins being bon is 87 days.
2. “Facebook Addiction Disorder” is an actual disorder that has been identified by psychologists.
3. Human saliva has a boiling point three times that of regular water.
4. Heart attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday.
5. The following can be read forward and backwards: Do geese see God?
6. Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch three hours of tv.
7. In Uganda, 50% of the population is under the age of 15.
8. 95% of people text things they would never say in person.
9. About 8,000 Americans are injured by musical instruments each year.
10. Slugs have four noses.



“I grew up in Illinois, just a bus ride from downtown Chicago where our weekly Saturday activity choice might be the museum of Science and Industry, the Field museum, the planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, the art Institute, baseball games, any number of lovely older movie theaters, impressive bowling alleys with family-friendly restaurants. Coming to this area was a bit of a change!” -Jackie Miller, Spanish



“I helped take care of the world’s youngest set of surviving quadruplets who were born at 23 weeks and had an estimated 3.4% chance of all infants surviving.” -Wendy Hays, Nurse



“I could do handless front and back flips in gymnastics. (Probably why I have arthritis so bad now!)” -Jan Burke, Special Ed.



“When I was two, I broke my right femur bone while playing on a playground. My leg had to be in traction for 6 weeks, and it was over Halloween. The hospital personnel brought clowns in to cheer me up on Halloween, and I freaked out. To this day I still don’t like clowns.” -Ross Hastert, Ag.


“I had no idea what ‘jeggings’ were until Christmas time of 2016.” -Stacy Hughes, Kinder.