<<< Spelling Bee winners (left to right): First row- Riley Walker, Taylor Pruett, and Abby Minino. Second Row- Aubrey Watkins, Johnny Davis, Alex VanSickle, and RyAnne Herron.>>>
Top Finishers:
1. Aubrey Watkins
2. Johnny Davis
3. Alexa VanSickle
4. RyAnne Herron
5. Riley Walker
6. Abby Minino
7. Taylor Pruett
The top four finishers will represent Rock Port at the Atchison County Spelling Bee Wednesday, February 15, at 4:15 in Rock Port.
The top two junior high finishers (Watkins and Davis) and the top two fifth and sixth grade finishers (Walker and Minino) will represent Rock Port at the 275 Conference Spelling Bee.

What was your favorite part of being in the Maradi Mifflin
Spelling Bee?

“[My favorite thing was] getting further than I expected.”
Paycee Slusher,
Fifth Grader



“My favorite thing would probably be learning.”
Tyler Peebly,
Sixth Grader



“[My favorite thing was] getting second.”
Abby Minino,
Fifth Grader


Clauson Excels at Robotics

By Ashley Cue

Zachary Clauson, Rock Port sophomore, is part of the Robotics group run by Dale Dickkut.
Robotics is the branch of engineering that involves the design, manufacture, and operation of robots.
When asked what robotics really is, this is what Zachary said: “Robotics isn’t just building a robot; it is also raising money, promoting the club, helping the community, and showing people your journey.”
Robotics requires having sessions every week which lead up to competitions. The competitions are all-day events that begin at 5:00 A.M. and last until 6:30 P.M.
“The competitions are ‘nerd fests’ where teams come together and share ideas and compete against each other,” Zachary said.
At their last competition, the team Zachary is on placed ninth out of 24 teams, but didn’t advance to the next competition.
Robotics is a fun and educational experience for everyone. Because of the multiple hours put in to it, it is very hard work.