The Rock Port High School Booster Club is an all-volunteer organization that is committed to building the character of our students through extracurricular activities and athletics. To accomplish that goal, the Booster Club engages in various fundraising activities throughout the year. In the fall of 2016 we once again had a very successful Jersey Auction during Homecoming week, the Annual Tailgate Party prior to a home football game (which had to be rescheduled due to Mother Nature!), assisting RPHS in hosting the District Volleyball tournament, our K-3 Basketball Clinic, yard sign sales, and an elementary basketball tournament in January. As a result of the generosity of local businesses and the community, we can continue to allocate monies for student athletes and activities to ensure that each student has the best possible experience.
The Booster Club would like to take this opportunity to thank local business and community members who generously donated during the 2016 Jersey Auction, making sure that every student had a bidder. Please keep that in mind when you are shopping, doing banking, or making final arrangements for a passed loved one, that your local businesses not only provide valuable services but give back to our wonderful community.
We are also grateful for all of the volunteers – faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and students – that made ensured success for our K-3 basketball clinic and 5th/6th grade basketball tournament.
Last but not least, the Booster Club extends sincere gratitude to the families of Carrick Linthicum and Greg Chamberlain for their memorial donations. The next time you are at Blue Jay Stadium sitting at one of the new tables, or relaxing on the bench inside the vestibule of the new gymnasium, please think of the Linthicum family, who generously donated all memorials to the school through the Booster Club. Our student athletes, quiz bowl, and band members also benefitted from this and the donations from the Chamberlains.
The Booster Club greatly appreciates all of the efforts of the parents, staff, faculty, administration, coaches, and community that contribute time and resources to help our students – our future – be successful. We are looking forward to another great season for the Rock Port Blue Jays! GO BIG BLUE!