February 15, 2007
• The Academic Bowl season has begun. Tarkio High School brain bowlers included: jr. varsity – Kember Wooten, Amy Snyder, Madison Fischer, and Garrett Hunkins; and varsity – Kevin Lang, Celeste Mott, Taylor Hurst, and Caitlin Higgins.
• The City of Tarkio received an EPA grant totalling $100,000 to make improvements to Tarkio’s drinking water system, which will consist of the replacement of 5,000 linear feet of the existing water lines and 1,100 linear feet of the service lines.
• A large group of rescue personnel successfully worked together to free a Tarkio man, Carl Lawrence, who had become trapped inside a grain bin in Tarkio when the corn shifted around him burying him chest deep.
February 13, 1992
• Extremely warm weather had beautiful flowers sprouting up for spring behind the Avalanche.
• Five Tarkio High School wrestlers qualified for sectionals. The wrestlers include Matt Lester, Danny Graves, Cory Jones, Bryan Caudill, and Pat Petry.
• “Computer Applications To Farming” are being taught to area farmers at Tarkio High School. The classes are being sponsored by the Vocational Agriculture Department at THS.
February 9 & 16, 1967
• A new cafe opened in Tarkio at the intersection of First and Elm streets. The cafe, built and owned by Meryle McCoy, is called Car-Mils Cafe and is operated by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sharp. The cafe has electric heat, inline cooking, dishwasher, ice machine, and air conditioning.
• The Boy Scouts of America will celebrate their 57th anniversary. A new, all–time high in membership was reached when the end of 1966 saw 5,831,541 boys and adults enrolled in Scouting.
• HM3 Jerome S. Brewer of Westboro, Missouri, pushed a button January 30, 1967, and recorded what is apparently the first X-Ray of a penguin taken in Antartica. Brewer said no special problems were encountered during the X-Ray at McMurdo Station, Antartica, except that the patient was not the most cooperative he has worked on. The Adelie penguin was released several hours later, his dignity slightly ruffled, but his agility unimpaired.