The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Tammy Oakes, Linda Viets, Teresa and Jim Hickok, Fran Phillips, Francis Nahkunst, Donna Whelan, Tasha Gronniger and Gabe, and Kay Gibson attending. Tammy brought a soldier quilt that she had finished quilting, and a new idea for making a quilt to us. She has written a mystery story, and each month contains a portion of the story with the names of two quilt blocks in each segment. The directions for each of the blocks are included. She brought January and February segments. This should be a new and fun way to make a mystery quilt. We’re all excited to see how each of our quilts will turn out.
Does weather affect your cooking? I think it does. Take the other day (wish someone had taken it). I decided to make a chicken pot pie and a chocolate pie for our dinner. Yes, both were from scratch. I had two pie crusts, one I baked for the chocolate pie and one I left in the pan, uncooked, to use to cover the chicken pot pie. How did I manage to pour the chocolate pie, PLUS, put the meringue on top, in the unbaked pie shell? Did you ever try to scrape meringue off the top of a chocolate pie, then pour the pie into another shell and put the meringue back on it? Yes, I had a little of both mixed in with the other. I don’t even want to talk about trying to wash the unbaked pie shell. Ugh.
What did the weather have to do with this mix-up? I am certain it was all the fault of the weather. First of all, the sun was not shining and when the sun is not shining, I can’t see very well. Next it was cold, and that interfered with my being able to tell a warm pie shell from a cold one. I’m sure the humidity and wind chills factored in there somewhere, too.
I assure you, there are no alternative facts in this article.