To whom it concerns,
Once again, the City of Tarkio employees are burning and cleaning up Tarkio’s burn pile. While doing so, we have noticed that there are many things being dumped there, once again, that are not supposed to be. I do not want to see this facility closed like others in our area have been. There should be no metal, plastic, tires, or non-yard/garden waste placed in this location. The city does offer a City-Wide Clean-Up once a year so that residents can get rid of some of these things. Tires should be taken to Entire, located in Phelps City, near Rock Port. Most plastics can be disposed of in your household trash. Anyone caught dumping unapproved items will be ticketed and prosecuted. Plans are being made to put up cameras so that this facility can be monitored at all times.
Jamie Quimby
Tarkio Street