The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Linda Viets, Anita Armstrong, Fran Phillips, Donna Whelan and Kay Gibson attending. Holly had three more soldier quilts done. That girl is amazing. This makes about ten soldier quilt tops we have made. Not bad, gals. Keep up the good work.
My great grandfather had a little cabin where what later became our garden when I was a young girl. He died before I was born and I don’t remember the cabin, but I well remember the garden. I dream about this area so often. Yes, I wandered all over those hills when I was young and this was probably a good starting point. But why do I dream about this area so much?
Yep, I got out my googler and looked it up. It said people dream repeatedly about places from their childhood because they felt safe there. Yes, I did feel safe in the garden. (I’ll bet Adam and Eve did, too, until that snake showed up.) When I was in that garden, I was picking “roasting ears”, green beans, strawberries or raspberries, or I had a hoe in my hand.
I had a hoe in my hand most of my life. I believe when I die, my obituary should start like this: Kay finished out her row…….