Mr. Purdy, Student Teacher- By Ashley Christian
Adam Purdy is one of four student teachers at Rock Port this semester. He mostly teaches Mr. Herron’s classes, but he also goes over to Mr. Carpenter’s class for the first hour of the day. He currently teaches third and fifth hour for Mr. Herron. He will soon begin teaching sixth hour as well. Mr. Purdy is from Winterset, Iowa, and he attends college at Northwest Missouri State University. His biggest supporter is his wife of about two months, Cassidy. Mr. Purdy wants to become a history teacher because he enjoys working with people who are high school to college aged. He also enjoys history and thinks it can have an impact on students. Mr. Purdy decided to teach history for a couple reasons. He believes that it can positively impact the way students interact and respond to other people and the world around them.
Before deciding on teaching, he considered other professions. He thought about becoming a firefighter or an EMT. Mr. Purdy is was also very interested in The Navigators, his college ministry. He thought about working for them as well. Mr. Purdy enjoys student teaching at Rock Port because it is similar to his hometown: “I really enjoy the small-town feel where I can relate closely with each student.” Mr. Purdy also has a fun life outside of school. He mainly hangs out with his wife on his days off. They enjoy pizza, Netflix, and being outdoors. They also dedicate some of their time to activities with The Navigators ministry at Northwest.
If you haven’t had the chance to meet Mr. Purdy, you’re missing out because he is “purdy” cool.


FBLA State Qualifiers- By Erika Dietze
Congratulations to the following Rock Port FBLA members who qualified for state: seniors Juleighanne Adams and Journi Burke, and sophomores Kelcie Gaines and Ashley Cue. These students scored in the top five in their respective testing categories to advance to State FBLA. The Rock Port FBLA chapter has a night where the sponsors, Tiffanie Gaines and Kathy Ungles, buy pizza for the people competing. After eating, the students take a test in categories such as Business Communication and Accounting.
Along with the four members who advanced to state, three others also placed in the top ten. It is incredibly hard to place in the top ten because so many people take the same test. Those among the top ten were seniors Erika Dietze and Shelbie Gaines, and sophomore Ashley Christian. WAY TO GO GIRLS!

Senior 2017 Megan Stevens-

Middle Name: Lura
Favorite movie: Insidious
Most memorable time in high school: Sectional track 2015
Decribe your senior year in 3 words: Full of laughs
Advice to Underclassmen: Be a better you, for you.
Plans after high school: Attend the University of Nebraska-Omaha and major in civil engineering. How have you changed since freshman year: I have become more self-motivated. What one thing you’ll never forget about Rock Port: The supportive community.