February 22, 2007
• Tarkio Enterprizes will start a small manufacturing business. The new manufacturing business is a small step toward maintaining and expanding the business community in this area.
• Tarkio R-I School Board voted to no longer accept non-resident tuition paying students due to additional paperwork, legal issues, etc. that comes with allowing tuition paying students. They also voted to name the school’s football stadium the M. David Palmeiro Football Stadium. The stadium name was in addition to the current field name of Kyle Field.

February 20, 1992
• Bethesda Care Center in Tarkio named Blanche and Jake McCall the Valentine’s Day Queen and King February 14, 1992. They were presented crowns and flowers for the occasion.
• Tarkio sixth grade students presented “Dear Abby” at the Walnut Inn in downtown Tarkio.
• The Tarkio City Council voted to change the name of the North City Park to Niedermeyer Memorial Park in honor of Dr. E.L. Niedermeyer.

February 23, 1967
• Tarkio had a low of -2 degrees on the 16th and a high reading of 52 degrees on the 21st. Precipitation was .07 with 1 inch of snow, according to Lester Morton, local weather observer.
• Miss Annette Low (now Kaplan) was one of 19 Illinois Wesleyan University students who spent her January short term on a 3-week travel-seminar to Mexico.
• Winter clearance on men’s attire at Fields Clothing in Tarkio included sweaters for $6.99 and shirts for $2.79.