The following land transfers were recorded in the office of Eliza Beasing, Atchison County Recorder, at the Atchison County Courthouse in Rock Port, Missouri:
Filed 02/10/2017

Warranty Deed – Richard and Brenda Hughes to Richard and Brenda Hughes Living Revocable Trust, Lots 4, 5, and 6, Block 19, Nuckolls & White’s Addition, Rock Port, Mo.
Filed 02/14/2017

Warranty Deed – Angelo and Lori Erickson to Mark and Elizabeth Andrew, and Nicholas and Michelle Andrew, land in Section 35, Township 65, and Range 42 in Atchison County, Mo.
Filed 02/16/2017

Warranty Deed – Larry and Jocelyn Eilers to Larry and Jocelyn Eilers, land in Sections 25, 23, and 26, Township 65, Range 41 in Atchison County, Mo.