Ted’s Handyman Service will be opening March 1, 2017. Ted True has lived and worked in the Rock Port area since his return in 1979.
His past occupations have usually included repairing things. During his work with True Ag, he was in charge of maintaining and repairing the equipment. In the early ’80’s, he put his Milford degree in Auto Body to work and opened Ted’s Body Shop, which he owned and operated for several years. While employed at Bunge Grain in Brownville, he was solely responsible for maintaining the equipment and facility. Since 1999 he has been employed at Cooper Nuclear Station as a Security Officer. He will be leaving that position at the end of this month and has been looking forward to using his God-given talent and returning to “fixing things”.
He has been involved in several remodeling projects over the years. After the 2011 flood he took on the task of restoring the Shirley Barnhart True farm home. From gutting the first story through the total remodel of the home he worked on days off and weekends cleaning and re-staining the damaged century old woodwork, replacing the wiring and running new waterlines. He also refurbished the three bathrooms. He had the help of Josh True Construction for the drywall installation and kitchen remodel.
Ted is also skilled at yard work and landscaping. He had a side mowing business in the 1990’s and recently installed a stone patio at his own home.
Ted is primarily self-taught and with his natural gifts and perfectionist’s eye he will do an excellent job on all of your handyman, home repair and honey-do jobs. He can be reached at 660-253-0324. No job too small, give him a call.