King of Hearts Victor Robbins and Queen of Hearts Dorothy Harrington

Tarkio Rehabilitation and Health Care held a special celebration on Valentine’s Day to honor its resident couples. Six couples were honored with a renewal of their wedding vows, led by Reverend Glenn Scott. Some couples also participated in an exchange of gifts and a wine toast. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with their spouses were Marylou and Gene Broermann, who have been married 70 years, John and Virginia Renken, (pictured on front page), who have been married 61 years, Otto and Darlene Staashelm, who have been married 59 years, Bev and John Hunley, who have been married 35 years, Brenda and Steve Shaw, who have been married 29 years, and Brian and Cathy Hurst, who have been married 7 years. Though their husbands were unable to attend the festivities, Mary Shubkagel and Janice Sparks were also honored. Mary and Charles Shubkagel have been married for 47 years and Janice and Gene Sparks have been married for 51 years. That is over 350 collective years of marriage at Tarkio Rehab. The Tarkio Rehab King and Queen of Hearts were also crowned. They are Victor Robbins and Dorothy Harrington.

Broermann- 70 years of marriage



Hunley- 35 years of marriage


Shaw- 29 years of marriage



Hurst- 7 years of marriage