The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Linda Viets, Tammy Oakes, Frances Nahkunst, Fran Phillips, Anita Armstrong, Holly Holmes, Tasha Gronniger and Gabe, and Kay Gibson attending. Tammy brought some quilts she had quilted, we are not to our goal yet, but are coming along on the soldier quilts. Again this week, Holly was our outstanding quilter.
It’s been a very warm, dry, and windy week. Please be careful with your fires. I know the fire departments have been called out several times this past week to fight fires that someone started.
One time when several of my granddaughters were in their teenage years, I told them that I was really a witch with magical powers. I also told them when they became 21, they, too, would inherit these powers.
Were they disappointed when they turned 21 and didn’t inherit these powers? I think they had all forgotten about it by then. But that day, they sure had fun gabbing about what they would do when they got those powers and who would be the first person they would cast a spell on.
Actually, I have no idea why they didn’t inherit those powers when they became of age. I was certain they would.
Excuse me a minute while I cast a little spell. Beware.
A hoot and a holler
A coot and a swaller
To places unknown
To children grown.